After School Enrichment/Tutoring

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After School Enrichment Programs

H.E.L.P. operates afterschool programs focused on improving literacy skills and supporting academic success. These programs are offered at Valley Institute Elementary, Meadowview Elementary, and Greendale Elementary schools from 3-6 p.m., Monday thru Friday during the academic school year. Parents and teachers are reporting better grades and class participation as a result of the extra help.


Because Afterschool works.

It works for parents. It works for businesses. And — most important — it works for kids.
Research and data from hundreds of studies support the positive impact of afterschool programs on children’s success. Those who regularly participate in quality afterschool programs perform better in school, have better attendance and are less likely to get in trouble. Afterschool programs also help to close the achievement gap between children from lower-income families and their more affluent peers.
At the same time, afterschool programs provide much-needed support for parents. Four out of five working parents with kids in afterschool programs say those programs help them keep their jobs.
And that helps business, too. It’s estimated that parents who don’t have access to afterschool programs for their kids cost companies up to $300 billion per year in health care and lost productivity. What’s more, many businesses value what their future workers learn in afterschool programs — from specialized knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math gained in STEM programs to broadly applicable skills, such as teamwork and problem-solving.
Afterschool helps families to get ahead, businesses to hire the workforce they need and students to become productive, successful members of society.

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